Hung Pump Industrial Co., Ltd

HUNG PUMP GROUP is a family run business ; The Company has grown to a leading professional pump manufacturers with ISO 9001 certified in Taiwan and is run by Johnson Hsu. Products ranged widely in 12 categories: Clean Water Pumps, Dirty Water Sump Pumps, High Pressure Pumps, Sewage Pumps, Grinder Pumps, Gardening Pumps, Home Booster Pumps, Irrigation Pumps, Industrial Pumps, Well Pumps, Specially Pumps and Pump Accessories. All of the above products have been highly recommended by esteemed buyers and professionals around the world. Excellence in quality and international competitiveness are the main factors of popularity.

Specialty Pumps Manufacturer

Hung Pump Industrial Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of Specialty Pumps, and is highly regarded for its quality products. Our range includes By Function in a variety of high-reliability, high performance, and industry standard.


Specialty Pumps

1、Small and easy to use.
2、DC Motor makes low noise and long service life.

1、Campimg water discharge
2、Boat water discharge
3、12V/24V application
Everything we do as a company is based on reinforcing our position as the finest, most responsive solution provider in the Pumps, Clean Water pumps, Utility Pumps, Dirty Water Pumps, Effluent Pumps industry. Our entire range is stringently checked on defined quality testing parameters, which is recommended by the industry. If you want to purchase any of our products in retail quantities, please contact us.